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Cockpit cover:


Cockpit cover °hf Truppa

Converts the kayak into extra storage room

For transporting kayaks on a car a neoprene cockpit cover with a tight seal is the first choice. The Tuppa neoprene cover reduces the wind resistance: that saves fuel and reduces the driving noise.
Of course the Tuppa is also suitable for storage purposes at home to keep the inside of the kayak dry and clean.
The Tuppa is made from the same heavy duty materials as our white water spraydecks.

A small but clever extra detail: the Tuppa comes with a security strap to attach the cover to the back rest.
Before putting the cover on the cockpit rim you clip the security strap to the back rest. This way the cover stays with the boat even if it wasn't put on properly and opens inadvertently.

  • Deck section: 4mm multistretch neoprene
  • Robust shockcord: 9.5mm (for PE kayaks)
  • Large centrally located release handle
  • Pretensioned design (ultimate fit and durability)
  • Reflective logo print
  • Security strap (to attach to the back rest)
09002 "Tuppa" neoprene cockpit cover S 55,95 €
09004 "Tuppa" neoprene cockpit cover KH 55,95 €
09003 "Tuppa" neoprene cockpit cover BIG 55,95 €
09005 "Tuppa" neoprene cockpit cover SuperBig 55,95 €
09006 "Tuppa" neoprene cockpit cover SuperTour 55,95 €
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