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°hf Dry-Pack transparent

Waterproof dry bag constructed from translucent material

The transparent Dry-Packs are made from a reinforced translucent foil. You can see from the outside what's inside! Also it's bright inside the bag: no need for rummaging around anymore.
The base is made out of an extra heavy duty material and comes with a bottom loop for fixing as standard.
The inserted panel is made out of resiliant material as well, it adds some colour to the product and gives it a nice appearance.
The smooth and soft material of the transparent Dry Packs makes the closure easy and provides a tight seal.
All °hf Dry-Packs are made in Germany.
  • Bright and clear inside the bag, no rummaging
  • Translucent reinforced material
  • Extra heavy duty base and inserted panel
  • Bottom loop for fixing, D-Rings at the closure

07106 Dry-Pack transparent 6 lit 14,95 €
07112 Dry-Pack transparent 12 lit 17,95 €
07120 Dry-Pack transparent 20 lit 19,95 €
07140 Dry-Pack transparent 40 lit 22,95 €
07160 Dry-Pack transparent 60 lit 25,95 €
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