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°hf spraydecks are not another product from the Far East: we have been manufacturing in GB since 1990. The production is run by kayakers who know about the theory and practise.
The importance of a good spraydeck is often underestimated. It not only has to keep the water out: the spraydeck has to stay on your kayak when you need it but should come of easily in an emergency!
Make sure you buy the right spraydeck for your kayak a bad fit can be perilous!

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Neoprene spraydecks: Size guideline for deck section and body tube

Cockpit size Length Width
D (River racing) 62-66 cm 40-44 cm
A (Slalom, Polo) 70-76 cm 38-42 cm
E (Polo) 76-84 cm 42-47 cm
Classic (Seakayak) 62-68 cm 42-46 cm
Small 73-80 cm 38-42 cm
Keyhole 80-88 cm 45-54 cm
Big 85-96 cm 50-55 cm
Superbig 91-100 cm 53-56 cm
Supertour 96-106 cm 54-60 cm

The maximum sizes are only applicable on Dry Skirt Focus models. Kevlar spraydecks (Silverback, Dry Skirt Kevlar, Twin Skirt Kevlar) have less stretch due to the kevlar part on the deck section.

We recommend to take your kayak with you to your dealer to buy a new spraydeck. Try the new deck on your own kayak. For models with latex reinforcement on the inside we advise to moisten the cockpit rim and latex. (Use a sponge with a bit of water to wipe the cockpit rim and latex reinforcement.)

Body tube size:
Spraydecks should not only fit well on the cockpit rim but also around the body. A body tube that is too tight obstructs breathing and overstresses the spraydeck. A loose body tube is not water tight. Measure around the waist (approx. belly button height) whilst sitting down

Abdominal girth Recommend body tube size
ca. 70 cm 62er Kamin
ca. 80 cm 70er Kamin
ca. 90 cm 78er Kamin
ca. 100 cm 86er Kamin
ca. 110 cm 94er Kamin

Try your new spraydeck before you go on your first paddling trip. Make sure the fit is correct and you can close and open your spraydeck (also try in a capsized position with a helper next to you.)

Spraydeck Details

(*1) Multistretch-Neoprene:
Our multistretch neoprene is extremely flexible in all directions (3-way stretch), so the finished product is more comfortable to use, fits better and keeps the paddler even drier.

(*2) Unique fabric/neoprene combination body tube:
The joint between the deck section and the body tube of a spraydeck is the critical area as there is constant stress in all directions. Joining two different materials (neoprene and fabric) in this area would make the product less reliable. Therefore we add a short neoprene tube between the deck section and the breathable fabric. This increases the lifespan of the spraydeck and as an extra bonus provides more warmth for the paddler.

(*3) X-Tuck:
X-Tuck is a special lining that is laminated to the neoprene rubber. The double knit, highly wear restistant X-Tuck nylon fabric gives optimum protection to the multistretch neoprene underneath.

Single or twin waist?

Spraydecks with twin waist are recommended for situations where the paddler needs to stay dry over a long period of time or where every millilitre of water in the boat becomes a hindrance.
The single lined neoprene used for the twin waist is thin and very flexible. Thanks to that, the system works without causing any discomfort. The smooth rubber surface gives ultimate seal but can be delicate. When storing the twin waist make sure the two smooth surfaces are not in contact as they may stick together and get damaged when being separated again.
The single waist excells with its robustness. The tear resistance of the 4mm multistretch neoprene is higher and there is no risk of layers sticking together. The seal of a modern, double waist paddling jacket with a single waist spraydeck proves to be sufficient for most whitewater trips.

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