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°hf Silverback

Neoprene whitewater spraydeck for experts

More safety, more comfort, best seal and high resistance.
The Silverback is the whitewater spraydeck for the demanding paddler and proves its reliability in the biggest rapids and highest waterfalls.
  • Deck section: 4mm high performance X-Tuck neoprene. The high wear areas are reinforced with Aramid (Kevlar) panels for even more resistance
  • Body tube: 4mm multistretch neoprene
  • Extra wide latex reinforcement on the inside for best grip and additional protection against abrasion
  • All neoprene seams are glued and blind stitched
  • Robust shockcord: 9.5mm (for PE kayaks)
  • Large centrally located release handle
  • Side release buckle on the release handle to clip the deck section to the PFD whilst walking/scouting
  • Knee-off strap for quick emergency exit (with cam buckle!)
  • Phatlip (DryLip) for a water tight seal
  • Pretensioned design (ultimate fit and durability)
  • Reflective logo print on the inside for better visibility when deck section is clipped up whilst walking
  • Also available as Silverback Twin with twin body tube

0833 Silverback Kevlar, Drylip KH
Body tube sizes -62, -70, -78, -86,-94
155,90 €
0834 Silverback Kevlar, Drylip BIG
Body tube sizes -62, -70, -78, -86,-94
155,90 €
0835 Silverback Kevlar, Drylip SuperBig
Body tube sizes -78, -86,-94, -102
155,90 €
0836 Silverback Twin Kevlar, Drylip KH
Body tube sizes -62, -70, -78, -86,-94
169,90 €
0837 Silverback Twin Kevlar, Drylip BIG
Body tube sizes -62, -70, -78, -86,-94
169,90 €
0838 Silverback Twin Kevlar, Drylip SuperBig
Body tube sizes -78, -86,-94, -102
169,90 €
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