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°hf Throwbag Compact Thirty

Safety rope for kayakers

30m rope for safety on bigger waters: special throwbag suitable for touring paddlers or for rescue situations requiring extra reach.
In maritime use the Compact Thirty is, for example, suited to the “man overboard-recovery”.
  • High visibility webbing band
  • Reflective elements
  • Specifications and labelling area printed on base
  • Padded bottom loop
  • D-Ring fixing point
  • Cone shaped bag with extra wide opening, for accurate throws and easy repacking
  • Maximum grip material
  • Push button fastener
Rope type: 7.5mm core mantle
Rope length: 30m
Rope breaking load/Tensile strength: 840 daN
Height: 42 cm
Weight: 790 g

05150 Throwbag Compact Thirty 39,95 €

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